Meet Dr. Nelson

Dvora Nelson, MD

Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Nelson, a Board Certified General Surgeon, is a true expert in the fields of Advanced Laparoscopy and Laser Vein Surgery. Since establishing her private practice in 2002, she has consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills and dedication.

Her medical education began at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. She continued her academic journey at Stanford University, graduating with Honors.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Nelson has become a leader in her specialties. Her proficiency in Advanced Laparoscopy allows her to perform intricate procedures with minimally invasive techniques. Additionally, her expertise in Laser Vein Surgery showcases her commitment to both medical innovation and patient care.

Board Certified General Surgeon

Dr. Nelson’s impact in the medical field reaches far beyond her practice. Her work has been recognized through publications in professional journals and presentations at conferences. Her expertise was even showcased on the Lifetime cable network series “Women Docs,” serving as an inspiration to others.

Her distinction is further highlighted by her Board Certification in Phlebology, a specialized practice for treating veins. This places her among a select group of highly skilled physicians in this field, reflecting her dedication to excellence and patient care.

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