Compression Therapy

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Compression therapy is the mainstay of all of the treatment modalities. Compression stockings are tight at the ankle and then get less tight as they progress up the leg helping to direct venous blood flow back to the heart.

The stockings help to limit swelling by squeezing the lower leg. Compression stockings. The tightening created by the stockings may help the valve leaves come together and block backward bloodflow similar to how pinball machine flaps block pinballs.

Every surgical option requires that you wear prescription grade well-fitting compression stockings in order to have the best results. In addition, your insurance company mandates that you wear compression stockings for a certain period of time before you are considered to be a candidate for surgery. The amount of time that is required for you to wear the compression stockings to complete this “conservative trial” depends on your specific insurance company. Go on-line to check your insurance company’s criteria.

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