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  Irina Katsman, PA:  Irina Katsman, PA-C is a Board-Certified Physician Assistant at Nelson Vein & Surgical Services. She evaluates new patients and performs advanced varicose vein procedures to improve vascular circulation. She has a passion for nutrition and its role in mood, weight management, energy level, cancer risk, and basically – everything. Her wealth of knowledge in lifestyle medicine allows her to evaluate patients as a whole person, and incorporate diet modification, exercise, meditation, and yoga into discussions regarding the surgical management of vein disease in order to optimize the overall health of all patients. She is also fluent in Russian. Melissa, RN:  Melissa is crucial to making sure that your micro-phlebectomy experience is educational, relaxing, and enjoyable.  Our patients refer to Melissa as the Nelson Vein “Numbing Ninja”.  Melissa assists with the micro-phlebectomies, and patients claim that they can’t even feel when she pokes them with a needle!  A micro-phlebectomy is a specialized technique where bulging varicose veins are removed from tiny incisions with a small vein hook.  Before your micro-phlebectomy, Melissa welcomes you into our procedure room with her calm soothing voice.  She prepares you for a relaxing, story-filled experience surrounded by the comforting music of your choice.  Melissa loves golfing, horses, and construction.  You will enjoy hearing the tales of her weekly adventures as she marks, cleanses, and numbs your skin to get you prepared for your procedure with Dr. Nelson.  Be sure to watch as Melissa outlines your veins with our Veinlite!  With such accurate tracing around the veins, we make the tiniest incisions so patients have beautiful results with minimal scarring. Sarah, MA:  Sarah’s voice welcomes you when you call Nelson Vein, and her kind warm eyes are the ones that smile at you when you walk in our door.  Sarah is Nelson Vein’s extraordinary administrative executive.  Her strong clinical background in conjunction with her amazing organizational skills allow her to efficiently coordinate your appointments to get you relief from your leg pain as soon as possible.  She is understanding, knowledgeable, and a strong advocate for anything that benefits our patients.   Chandler, STNA:  When you meet Chandler you will instantly realize that you are in great hands.  She is calming, meticulous, and so kind that you feel as if you are speaking with a trusted new friend by the time she finishes reviewing your medical information.  Chandler is a wonderful conversationalist, and she is amazing with “verbal anesthesia”.  If you are nervous for any reason, Chandler talks so that you are pleasantly distracted, and before you know it, your legs are on their way to feeling and looking amazing. Agneta, RVT, RDMS:  Agi is probably the best ultrasonographer in the country (and maybe the world).  Agi speaks Romanian and Hungarian fluently, and she is learning Spanish with the goal of being fluent in four languages.  Agi has worked with Dr. Nelson for over twelve years, and if there is anything wrong with your veins, Agi will find it.  She meticulously evaluates every vein in your deep and superficial system in order to identify what is causing your leg swelling, pain, and the source of your bulging varicosities.  Her high energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness to teach you anatomy adds to your overall experience so you can learn about your varicose veins from the inside and out. Ashley, RN, BSN:  Ashley has worked at Nelson Vein for nearly 11 years.  Her specialty is sclerotherapy, and she is amazing at injecting any veins that irritate you. Ashley is conscientious, diligent, and hardworking.  Her dedication to you and your desired outcome is apparent from the moment she introduces herself to the time she puts on your compression stockings.  If you have a varicose vein that aches and has worsened over the years, Ashley treats that vein with an injection that you will hardly feel.  You’ll enjoy watching her “work her magic”. Sylvia Rojas, CMA:  Sylvia does everything.  She assists with procedures, schedules patients, answers clinical questions, communicates with the insurance companies to get approval, and she is adept at patient intake.  Her specialty, however, is getting your procedure approved as medically necessary by your insurance company, and no one knows vein insurance coverage like Sylvia does.  She processes all the letters to the insurance companies and gets you approved so you can be on your way to healthy pain-free legs.  Sylvia then creates a treatment cost estimate that explains any out-of-pocket costs you may have so that you are never surprised by any billing statements. Tracee McKenna, Account Manager: Tracee is our expert insurance account manager. She ensures that your claims are billed and processed properly.  She is extremely organized and detail oriented.  If you have coverage for vein procedures, Tracee is the one that makes sure that your insurance company covers your medically necessary procedures.  She is generous with her time, and always willing to help patients understand their medical insurance programs and guides them to resources that clarify their policies. Anahis Zambrana, Clinical Assistant:  Anahis is fluent in Spanish and English.  She is energetic, kind, and sensitive to your needs.  You will often hear Anahis correcting Dr. Nelson’s Spanish as part of Dr. Nelson’s journey to becoming bilingual.   Sue Noga:  Sue is Dr. Nelson’s scribe.  You will often see her cheerful and calm persona following Dr. Nelson into each room.  Sue documents everything you say in order to assist Dr. Nelson in making a complete medical record.  All of your symptoms and concerns are recorded so you have an accurate representation of your vein issues in your medical record.

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Board Certifications

  • Phlebology
  • General Surgery
  • Registered Vascular Technician
  • Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation