Treatment During Covid-19

Healthy Legs In The Face of COVID-19

Don’t let COVID 19 give you a DVT!

As a consequence of being confined to our homes, any limitation in activity can increase your risk of blood clots. So, make a concentrated effort to move those legs. Go for a walk or watch a workout video on YouTube!

However, if you develop symptoms of swelling, pain, or skin changes that cause you to be concerned about blood clots or cellulitis (a skin infection), we are prepared to see you. To help lessen the burden on our hospitals and emergency departments, we are expanding services for acute deep venous thrombosis evaluations.

We implement social distancing and we sanitize aggressively. When you come to our office, you are immediately escorted to a private room. We perform both a clinical and ultrasound evaluation, and review the results with you right away. If you do have a blood clot, you receive immediate treatment. For your leg issues, you can avoid a visit to the emergency department, and still get great care.

Remember that your goal is prevention! Stay home, stay safe, and definitely stay active. But, if you develop any leg swelling, leg pain, redness, or other leg symptoms that concern you, we are here for you. Call our office at (440) 617-6061

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